Comedy Death: True Horror Stories from the Circuit

Comedy Death: True Horror Stories from the Circuit

Postby JavierJarquin » 27 Sep 2013, 10:06

The Venue
Comedy Death was in 'The Attic' long, narrow room with a ceiling like an upside down boat (like the roof space in an attic). Biggest issue was helping punters find their way to the right venue within the Dram House/Dram House Upstairs. Personally I found that getting people to form queues outside the venue for the show worked best.

Performance Set & Tech
Luckily the show had almost zero requirements for each. The 'set' was two bar stools that I borrowed from the Bothy Bar (I asked the bar manager and she was fine with it) every day just before the show and then returned immediately afterwards.
We used no microphones as the room was small enough to get away with simple projection. The only gripe was the light that slowly rotated through different colours. No one seemed to know how to turn it off.

Venue Staff
Didn't actually have much interaction with the venue staff but whenever I did they were very helpful and polite and I thanked them.

Had a lot of posters up around the venue and flyers but I think the big hitter was the Free Fringe Programme itself. Most people who came to the venue were pointing to my listing in the programme rather than a flyer they received. Thanks Sean Brightman for designing it so well!

Audience numbers
The space held about 50-60. On average we had about 20 in most days but as word spread the numbers grew steadily. Weekends were v busy and on a few occasions we were rammed.

The Show
It was hosted by myself. I invited comedians to come and talk about their worst gigs. It was a very relaxed vibe, we sat on the stools and had a bit of a chat show feel to it. Some very entertaining stories of dying on your arse.

Were ok on the whole. Not great but not terrible. I would always give my guests (who stayed til the end) a cut of the bucket. Normally I could give them about £5-£10 and towards the end a bit more.

Charlie was a great captain and would vouch for him to do it again next year (should he want to!). This was my first year with PBH and found all the communication leading up to, and during the festival very clear.

Comedy Death was an experimental format show and all in all I believe it was a success. Audiences grew, comedians loved doing it (it was therapy for some) and bigger names would be on the line ups in future. The 15:30 time slot was perfect for the feel of the show. I would absolutely love to bring it back to PBH for next year's Edinburgh.
I believe that this is a show that can start building as a bit of a brand in the festival. Thank you to all the Free Fringe team for having me and hopefully will see you next year!
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