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Where do I begin? My show is poetic theatre - part spoken word, part dance, part theatre, part performance art. It is fragile, challenging, beautifully crafted. It requires an intimate, self contained space where the audience can be seduced and charmed by word, music and visual projections. All this took place in a noisy bar - background noise of handryers, doors banging, drinks being served, shouting, a constant traffic of people moving to watch another show in the next room - you name it, we had it. An ordeal every night - and then some..that said the week I spent in Edinburgh was astounding. I truly believe I worked my show harder than anyone I can imagine. Everyone who saw it walked away a different person - changed in some way. This is the power of art. The power of truth. The power of the Fringe. So - yes it was tough - really tough - and I would recommend that the people who book shows read what they are actually about before they are booked into a room that was really only suitable for stand up and cabaret. That said, we did take over a week from a magician so musn't grumble at that. Plus the bar staff really did do their utmost to help us out. They too were pained every night at the noise and interruption we suffered. The cruellest thing was discovering the perfect venue space just upstairs which, unfortunately, wasn't free at the time my show was advertised. On the last night I was spotted by a big promoter connected with PBH who loved the show & had promised me a much more suitable space next year. So - there it is. I shall return and thank you again for this amazing opportunity. IV x
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