16:00 Alexis Dubus: Cars And Girls

16:00 Alexis Dubus: Cars And Girls

Postby Alexis » 17 Sep 2013, 00:02

[b]- The venue[/b] - Nice intimate space, with a bar at the back (Sneekit), could fit around 60 people in. Noise from building work outside was a bit of an issue on weekdays, especially as you needed to keep the window open to get air in the room.

[b]- The performance area[/b] - No raised stage, just the floor, but no need for anything else. No spotlight, which was not an issue for me, being on in the afternoon. Simple PA and mic - again, all I needed for a spoken word show.

[b]- The team of staff at the venue[/b] - Absolutely great - helpful, friendly, happy to convert bucket money to a format that fitted in my wallet, and crucially recommended the shows to mates. Craig worked incredibly hard to make sure everything was running smoothly.

[b]- How you advertised your show[/b] - Just posters and good old-fashioned Facebook and Twitter. It was a bit of a work-in-progress show for me so I didn't get any flyers printed.

[b]- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers[/b] - Started off small (a dozen or so) and built to standing-room-only (around 70) by the final one. Wish I'd done the whole run now, rather than just a week.

[b]- Your show itself[/b] - Really happy with how it went - the response was better than I could have hoped, especially for my first time doing spoken word. Won a Mervyn Stutter Spirit of the Fringe Award. Now planning on taking it on tour. Genuinely could not have done this without the Free Fringe - thank you!

[b]- Buckets[/b] - I found the afternoon crowds to be surprisingly generous, especially as I told them it was a work-in-progress. Averaged about £5 per person.

[b]- Technical set-up at the venue[/b] - Basic, but all I needed - a PA, and a mic.

[b]- Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you)[/b] - A great team all round. Tom Hensby did a great job as venue captain, creating more signage and show schedules, and the Dram House staff, as I mentioned, were excellent.

I've no need to re-iterate the points about the Bothy Bar being a venue rather than a bar. In the Sneekit room this didn't affect me really, but I did still get quite a few punters turning up in the wrong room.
Overall, a really positive experience - thanks PBH and the Free Fringe team.
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