We Love Comedy for one night only! 8pm 11/8/2013

We Love Comedy for one night only! 8pm 11/8/2013

Postby MrSeanBrightman » 16 Sep 2013, 09:56

Venue: Dram House big room

Performance Space: Great room, a little too hot, especially as we had a two-and-a-bit hour slot to fill!

Venue Staff: From what I saw, great.

How you advertised your show: This show was in the free fringe brochure, on event websites and flyerers were paid. We had a two hour slot to fill and I was worried about getting people in. I shouldn't have worried, they were queuing down the road, in the rain.

Audience Numbers: Standing room only. I'd guess at around 130 people.

Show itself: Great, it was a highlight for me. We had a crazy amount of acts who said 'yes' and almost all did brilliantly.

Buckets: After paying the flyerer and rounding it up slightly, we raised £170.

Technical set up: Decent PA system from what I saw.

Admin: Worked ok. We asked for a one-off slot, were told which ones were available and off we went.

Other Points: I hope we can come back next year. Great room for comedy and it was good to be back there this year.
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