14:30 Phillip & Marjorie's Marriage Preparation Course...

14:30 Phillip & Marjorie's Marriage Preparation Course...

Postby ABoyWhoCriedWolf » 07 Sep 2013, 21:42

- The venue
The Dram House is a large venue with separate bars and a night club downstairs. It is also hired out for weddings.
Recently refurbished, it was a clean, modern space.

- The performance area
Our show, Phillip & Marjorie's Marriage Preparation Course For Regular People and The Gays was in the topmost room, Fantoosh.
The room was basically a box with windows on three sides which had to be obscured with black cloth and a bar at the back along with the entrance/exit.
There was construction taking place right outside so the noise was sometimes overwhelming, and with the open windows (necessary) and high ceiling, the sound bounced around. When the room was full, we struggled with the fact that there wasn't a raised stage as the audience members in the last few rows couldn't see our projector screen - some even chose to stand for the whole show instead.

- The team of staff at the venue
The staff were always friendly and helpful.
About halfway through the run, there seemed to be a lack of staff - from a business perspective, The Dram House possibly lost out on revenue by not having the bars staffed at all times.

- How you advertised your show
We had placements both in the EdFringe and Free Fringe brochures, but what worked best for us was flyering in character - potential punters warmed to our awkward mannerisms...and the condoms stapled to the flyers.

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers
There was definitely the usual 'ebb and flow' of the festival. The first two weeks were fantastic, with strong numbers and full houses. Things quietened down after that, with strong shows on Fridays and weekends. We didn't have to cancel any shows and our smallest audience was one of five which was an unusual occurrence.

- Your show itself
The show we created was the first outing of these characters and there was always going to be a learning curve as we wanted to tweak and build on this initial version, then bring it back to the Free Fringe in 2014. Due to the nature of the fringe and the large amounts of audience we got in during the first weeks we were pleasantly surprised by how well it went down and have a lot to work with now that the fringe is over.

- Buckets
Our buckets weren't the best - we had fantastic responses to the show but alas it was not always shown monetarily.

- Technical set-up at the venue
This show is quite technical, we set up our projector with cables we brought ourselves.
A sound system was set up but alas someone pinched the input cable.

- Admin & Communication process
Everything was great.

- Any other learning points for anyone involved
The Dram House Upstairs is a tricky venue in terms of room names and where they are - once a board had been printed detailing the shows and which room they were in, this became much easier, but I found that having someone outside pointing punters in the right direction or creating lines for shows was a great way to keep the corridors and stairwells unblocked and punters from disrupting shows. It is a good way to flyer and distribute the FF brochure, so perhaps people from other shows might be interested in doing the same for an hour before their starting time? Furthermore, for ease of use, perhaps The Dram House rooms could be numbered from bottom to top?

A few times after exiting our later show at 15:30 (and after seeing other shows) I noted a particular group trying to lure punters into their show from other show lines, and also when said punters asked for directions to a different show. This is clearly not on. Sure, flyer people as they enter and exit, but don't bully people into seeing your show when they clearly want to see something else.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience and we would love to perform at The Dram House again.
- Renata
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