21.30 Richard Gadd: Cheese & Crack Whores

21.30 Richard Gadd: Cheese & Crack Whores

Postby Richard Gadd » 12 Sep 2013, 09:42

The Southsider Pub is a lovely, little Free Fringe venue just off Nicholson Street and a five minute walk from George Square which, due to it's centrality, virtually fills itself. It is popular with a variety of people, from working regulars to student-types and young couples, always offering a diverse and interesting crowd.

The performance space itself is at the back of the pub and seats thirty-two people in total. The size of the room, coupled with the popularity of the venue itself, often meant that at least twenty people got turned away per night at my time of listing, which is great in some ways, but also a shame for those who have made the effort to come out. More established acts should perhaps look to more sizable free-fringe venue to ensure their followers get in.

The room is nicely laid out with handy “dimmer” lights, which adds ambiance to the room, and the PA system itself is brand new, highly effective, and easy to use. A drawback, however, is the lack of segregation between performance space and bar which allows substantial noise to drift in from next door. At my time of listing, the bar itself got very full which was, at times, detrimental to the show itself. Thursday nights (quiz night) and Saturday nights (music night) in particular were overwhelming. My advice to anyone performing at this time would be to build a make-shift door, like we did, made out of polystyrene and ply-board, which can temporarily fill the gap in the doorway, proving sufficient enough in reasonably muffling the sound. Any sketch/theatre groups or comedians that rely on an awkward/deadpan atmosphere to really work their set, should probably steer clear. That being said, the band and quiz nights are only on from 9.30pm to 11pm, and so only really affect this slot.

The staff there, manager by a woman called Brenda, are the nicest bunch of people, more than willing to give you a hand and help-out wherever needed, as well as allowing you to store props in the basement of the pub. Throughout the month I was made to feel – as I believe is the case with the other shows on – fully supported by the bar staff who were kind enough to give discount to performers on drinks, and the more than occasional free cup of tea/coffee. Some of the staff even attended the show itself!

As the venue captain, I believe, rather simply, that the trick is to go into the pub early on set-up day and ask what can/can't be done in the space, then send out an email circular to the other performers, thus ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the rules of the space.

Overall, it was a great run, with supportive staff, and full, financially generous crowds. I would highly recommend this space to anybody thinking of using it. Just bare in mind the noise set-backs that occur at this time of listing.
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