22:45 How to Talk to the Dead

22:45 How to Talk to the Dead

Postby ashpryce » 02 Nov 2013, 17:53

The Venue
I have used this venue before- it’s a pub in the outer reaches of the city centre, nice place, great staff.

The performance area-
A small area, quite intimate. I had performed a version of this show in previous years so was aware of the restrictions.

Excellent. They were once again fantastic, supportive and considerate.

How you advertised your show
Fliers, cross promotion with other PBH shows, word of mouth.

How your shows went in terms of audience numbers
Regularly a close to or full house. Only once was there a very small number.

Your show itself
It went well, got laughs at the right moments, got oohs and ahhhs for the right tricks. Overall it went well. I;ve been staging this show for several years in several cities so I was quite comfortable with it.

I took about £40 a night- not bad for an hours work.

Admin & Communication process
Communication was good, venue captain Rich gave us his contact details and he was always fast to respond. Top bloke.

Any other learning points for anyone involved
This was my 4th Free Fringe, and 5th over all. No real learning points that I haven’t already covered in previous years.
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