Invisible Badminton & Other Dreams

Invisible Badminton & Other Dreams

Postby Crack James » 11 Oct 2013, 15:03

Venue is fine, though it does not have any mics, speakers, mic stands, anything. It would have been helpful to know this in advance.

The room is well lit, and backs on to an alley that occasionally caused noise disruption, but this was not a big deal.

I think the most people I managed to fit in the room was about 45 (no stage that day).

The first two shows were awful, but after that I did 2-3 hours flyering per day, and from that point onwards I was at 30 people or more every day. I did not bother with the main fringe programme, it wasn't required to fill the room, and at a cost of £300 it was out of my budget. I bucketed somewhere between £2-3 per person on average, highest bucket £95, lowest about £30.

The venue staff were friendly, however I did have a bag stolen from the venue, and I felt they were slow to react in this instance. I also found PBH offered no useful help, advice or support at this time. Other performers were very helpful however.

On the day of my last performance a communication break down meant that the show before mine (a one off) overran by over half an hour, and caused me severe delays, it would be useful to have a poster at the door stating what shows were on when.

That aside I would happily play the venue again, and I'm sure others low tech shows would have a good time at the venue.
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