12.00 A Woman With A View

12.00 A Woman With A View

Postby Emma_Hicking » 16 Sep 2013, 15:29

The venue is a downstairs room in a pub which hosts folk music performances.

The staff were friendly and helpful.

The room was quite small but excellent for my needs. There wasn't a mic - but that suited me fine as my show is spoken word and I talk to the audience as I go along and a mic can get in the way of that.

My audiences were small but appreciative - and no-one walked out which was good! The takings were O.K. and I sold quite a few books and CDs so I was pleased about that.

I learned a lot about advertising and show promotion and another time would be more aware of how to go about this - i.e. I was advised to create a facebook event, (which definitely increased numbers) I should have used twitter, done more flyering and put up more posters.

I enjoyed the my first experience of performing at the Fringe and would definitely recommend The Royal Oak for other spoken work artists.
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