Friggers of Speech, 6th to 10th August 2013

Friggers of Speech, 6th to 10th August 2013

Postby MelJones88 » 07 Sep 2013, 12:50

The venue is a Pub. A wide range of people frequent this venue.
The performance area is the basement room which is small but can hold around 30 to 40 I'd think. There's a big picture window so plenty of light during the day.
The team of staff at the venue could not have been more welcoming or helpful.
We advertised our show via the Free Fringe brochure, flyering, posters, word of mouth etc
Audience numbers varied from 4 (On 1 day) to 12 - It was warm everyday so I don't think numbers were affected by the weather
We sold some books but we forgot to put out a bucket a couple of times so we didn't make much money - just a few quid
This is an acoustic venue - no need for amplification
Admin & Communication process between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and us was fine for our needs
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