ManillaRoad Showcase

ManillaRoad Showcase

Postby JimKelly » 08 Nov 2013, 13:01

The Venue - This venue would probably be best suited to newer acts.. Its basically one big room with the performance space behind a sheet of cloth..
Much noise would come in from the other side if more than say, 10 people were in there..

The Performance area

The performance space was laid out as besat as it could be given the shape of the room.. Unfortunatley its right next to the main street so all the light, traffic & pedestrain noise all floods in, not much you can do about it really as it gets warm in there and you need those windows open..

The Staff at the venue

Excellent.. Really nice, helpful & supportive.. Gave us discount cards & were very respecting when the show had commenced..

How we advertised our show

Flyers.. No posters.. Flyered outside the venue for 2hrs before the show.. The venue is right next to the Caves, Bannermans, Banshee etc so lots of people although this venue is at the end of the run.. Max audience was 30ish lowest around 10..


Averaged around £20-£30 per show I think

Show Itself

Different lineup every day, some really good acts on but the venue layout made it a difficult sell.. Was well receved by those who came..
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