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Rock and Dole

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2014, 15:35
by Sam Avery
The venue has a great location and is good for getting floating punters in last minute.

The room upstairs is perfect for comedy but unfortunately this was not available for every show, despite this initially being the plan. For approx. 50% of the shows I had to perform in a really badly shaped and unsuitable room for comedy downstairs.

We were also not allowed to use the venue's PA system when we were upstairs.


Despite all of this, the venue's staff could not have been more helpful and accommodating. They set the room up downstairs to make it as good as was possible and put cloths up to close it off to the main bar area. They also helped me to move chairs, PA and equipment down (along with the chaps from the show prior to mine) to ensure that my show could begin on time. This was a 15 minute window which was far, far from ideal, but we made it work.

I also had brought my PA system along which was lucky as I believe most shows in this venue used it for their entire runs. (This included mics, mic leads, etc) This was in both the upstairs and downstairs rooms.

So, in summary, what could have been a bit of a mess was actually dealt with between the acts and venue staff to ensure a successful run of shows.