16.00 - Dead Cat Comedy Club

16.00 - Dead Cat Comedy Club

Postby redredmond » 17 Sep 2013, 10:57

Edinburgh's premier Alt. Rock Metal bar.
Well located, in between Free Sisters and Underbelly.
Fantastic staff! So lovely I actually miss them.
Excellent performance space. Upstairs dancefloor with proper raised stage, decent seating and excellent tech.
Bands play the room regularly so it has proper lighting and a brilliant techie who's more than willing to help out.
It's a decent sized room (70-ish seater). I wouldn't recommend it for solo stand-up shows as it can look empty very easily.
I think the room is perfect for showcases (like ours) or sketch groups...Only because then there's more people to flyer.
They had bands on at night so the performers were moved downstairs. Not as good a space but I think it worked out OK.
We got decent numbers, averaging around 30-a-day. On the weekends we were rammed! I swear we had a good 80-100 people in on our last show.
Bucket donations were fairly generous. It is a long room though so make sure there's someone with a bucket at the door whilst you're wrapping things up. Otherwise some audience members can be a bit cheeky and duck out without paying.
Excellent venue, I hope to play it again next year.

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