Split Shift

Split Shift

Postby O_Hughes » 15 Sep 2013, 17:09

The set-up at Opium was chaotic at the start of the fringe. The venue claimed that due to a misunderstanding with the organisers all acts (except the Edinburgh Revue) would have to perform downstairs in one of the worst spaces you can imagine. As it turned out, we never had to do that and neither did anyone else, as the venue captain (from the Edinburgh Revue), the club's owner and various other people managed to sort everything out (the issue was to do with having bands booked to play in the evening who wanted to do sound checks etc).

The main performance space was generally good, bar some issues with microphones and PA's etc (par for the course). The staff at the venue were very helpful, as were the other acts (Sam let acts use his PA when it was necessary). Aside from the initial hoopla the venue and subsequent show went pretty smoothly. This was the second year I have performed at Opium and as long as there are no crossed wires with regard to the available performance space (or lack thereof) I would recommend it as a venue again next year.

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