The LipSinkers - Mood Nightclub

The LipSinkers - Mood Nightclub

Postby The LipSinkers » 02 Oct 2013, 17:17

We came to the party late at Mood and filled an afternoon slot that was left empty for 5 days on the last week on the festival.

The venue is a nightclub with a good size performance space that has plenty of entrances and exits, is dark, and feels quite industrial. It has a huge room at the side of the stage that is used as a dressing room and quick changes during the show - and we were all able to do a get-in and prep for our shows each day without disturbing anyone - really useful! The whole venue is really spacious and we were able to store some of our props/costumes there during our run.
All of this worked really well for us and we really liked the space alot.

The staff at the venue were welcoming and helpful - although because our slot was in the middle of the afternoon the venue did feel like it was closed for normal business.

We had flyers, posters and were in the Free Fringe programme but not as a full listing - this was maybe because we were doing two venues and listed elsewhere in the programme, or because our show was a late addition to the Mood programme. We felt a full description may have helped numbers. The main problem was that people didn't seem to know the venue by name or where it was, and there was not much passing trade.

Our audience numbers built over our run. It is difficult to build momentum over only 5 days - although we did manage much larger numbers on our last few days and the buckets were generous.

The technical set up for the venue worked okay for us but we did bring in some additional lights. If the venues could provide a tech spec/stage dimensions etc in advance just so artists know what they are dealing with that would be really helpful.

The venue captain was amazing. He treated us like we were doing a West End run and played the role of Theatre Manager, Front of House Manager etc etc. An old-school theatre pro who made our experience at Mood an absolute professional pleasure. He's a keeper!

We thought Mood had the potential to be a really great addition to the Free Fringe. It's a great space - it just needs to be brought into the fold a bit more and put on the map. We thought a later evening programme would help create more of a buzz about it.

A great experience. Thanks for having us.

xx The LipSinkers
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