Mata Hari

Mata Hari

Postby UpstairsProductions » 27 Sep 2013, 13:10

We had good attendance - our audience actually grew so that the last night was the biggest audience.
We managed to get reviewers in.

On the first day we went for soundcheck at the venue and I had to rush to go rent cables in order to run our show. This was an unexpected expense.
Kevin, as venue captain, was wonderful - always willing to help with anything and everything.
The majority of the venue staff very helpful and easy to deal with. Alex, the manager went above and beyond call of duty. So did James, the assistant manager.
However, the floors were generally VERY dirty. So much so that when people walked around during the show, their shoes stuck to the floor and make squeaky noises which were were distracting to performer and audience alike. This was even mentioned in one of the reviews as criticism of the venue!

Posters arrived a week late from the PBH contact printers - Cann Print. This didn't help with our marketing.
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