Royal Holloway Stand Up Comedy Show 2013

Royal Holloway Stand Up Comedy Show 2013

Postby rhulcomedysociety » 02 May 2014, 13:43

The Royal Holloway Society mustered it’s forces and performed an hour long stand up comedy set at Mood Nightclub along Piccadilly Street. The show was on for an hour and each night featured a run of 5 acts all brilliantly compered by the outrageously funny Club President Andy Barr. Our comedians: Daniel Willis, Harun Musho’d, Mani Ahmed, Alexander Woodward, Luke Butchart, and Stoph Stephanopolis, all performed brilliantly each night and our audiences were incredibly generous, and we always left with a good bucket.

We had a tough venue to work with as it was slightly out of the way and, being a nightclub, slightly out of sight. Once inside the venue we had a great space to work with though with around 40 seats and a bar to the side. We did then through our flyering and support of the very lovely venue manager, manage to muster up a decent audience each night. We also on a few occasions were lucky to have a few professionals such as Tommy Rowson and Richard Gadd come to watch us.

By the end of our 1 week run we were performing to larger audiences and having a brilliant time not only performing but visiting different comedian’s shows each night.
The festival was a fantastic experience for us and something we’d love to do year after year.

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