Madogs – Be Careful What You Wish For – With Alice Lashman S

Madogs – Be Careful What You Wish For – With Alice Lashman S

Postby LynseyBonell » 17 Feb 2014, 17:22

The Venue
Madogs is a cocktail bar and restaurant. There is no closed off area to perform in and we could choose between the stage area (which had a piano on) or a smaller sectioned off area.
It was busier in the evenings so as an afternoon show there were not many people to encourage to attend the show.
The room capacity was tight to get to the 30 we had been told and was more like 20.
Good points
-Friendly staff
-Let us store props at the venue

Bad points
-There was no separate performance area and the noise from the ice machine was hard to compete with
-The door to the kitchen storage area was just off the stage area and meant sometimes people would walk through when trying to do the show
Liaison with other performers in the same venue:
There were only three shows on for a full run so it was easy to work with the other performers and Ruth was a great venue captain and made sure the mic could be set up for the other area and could play music.
Varied day to day, with a peak at the start, low points during the week and peaks most weekends, although by the end quite small crowds. The size of crowd and bucket didn’t always correlate (i.e. smaller audiences often generated a larger bucket) averaged about 25 pounds a show.
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