La Tasca Feedback

La Tasca Feedback

Postby tianal » 02 Oct 2013, 10:59

La Tasca worked perfectly for our play in terms of space. We had the whole of the downstairs of the restaurant - a large room with a bar in one corner and bench seating all around the sides. We were able to arrange the seating how we wanted and the informal style (pictures and trinkets on the walls spanish style) gave us the relaxed atmosphere we wanted. A back staircase leading to the spacious and clean toilets was perfect for changing. The staff were very friendly and accommodating.
In terms of location, La Tasca was obviously less ideal. We did quite well by targeting Princes st gardens and the streets adjacent a couple of hours before the play started, but the venue was too far from the main drag to realistically get anyone from to come down from the pleasance etc. The other problem was occasionally the music from upstairs, as well as the cappuccino machine, crying babies etc. A few times staff came downstairs talking noisily. The venue was also badly signposted, you couldn't see it from princes st and could easily have walked past it. Also there was no option of lighting inside, perfect for our play but potentially difficult for a comedian etc.
We were allowed to store things there which was very convenient. There were no major issues with the venue at all.
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