La Tasca Feedback

La Tasca Feedback

Postby jenniferhw » 22 Sep 2013, 21:03

La Tasca worked extremely well for my show, which was a one-woman storytelling piece. The performance area was completely separate from the dining area, which cut down on the amount of people walking through the show once it had started. Furthermore, latecomers were able to enter from the inside staircase without too much disruption. Latecomers coming down the outside staircase were more of a nuisance, as they had to be let in by myself and then walked through the performance space (in hindsight, we should have had a 'Performance in Progress' sign, with a request to enter through the upstairs restaurant).

The size of the performance space was good, fairly deep and able to be manipulated by the performers according to their needs (making a circle of chairs, for instance, or pushing chairs further back or bringing them forward). I didn't require any backstage space, so this wasn't a problem for me. The venue was able to store our props and flyers in between shows, which was incredibly useful to myself.

The venue is a little off the main drag and I think it was more difficult to get audiences because of that. I found that the best place to round up an audience was at the Half-Price Hut, which was still a good 10 - 15 mins walk away. There weren't many tourists or fringe punters walking past the venue to encourage in at the last minute - more Edinburgh locals going about their daily business. That said, I had an audience every day.

My producer was very unhappy about the sound bleed, though most of the time it didn't worry me. There was very little in the way of sound equipment - we had to buy a small speaker for our iPod in the end, as it couldn't be plugged into the provided speakers.

The staff were, on the whole, very friendly, very helpful and a joy to work with. We occasionally had staff coming out of the kitchen (to the left of the performance space) very noisily or yelling, which was very distracting to myself and to the audience. However, this didn't happen often.
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