La Tasca venue feedback

La Tasca venue feedback

Postby Kirsten_Luckins » 09 Sep 2013, 14:17


I was at La Tasca from 3rd - 10th August with The Moon Cannot Be Stolen. It was my first time as a performer, and their first time as a venue, so I have nothing by way of comparison, but this is my feedback:

Venue was a good size with seating for 30, so was well-suited not just for my 1-woman show but comfortably held the larger casts of the theatre pieces also running there.

The entrance is quite easy to miss, needs a flyering presence outside in the run-up to the show.

Flyering was difficult as the venue is outside the main drag - most of us ended up concentrating on Princes Street Gardens and their entrances, and a little on Rose Street (though this seemed less effective). I may have had more luck as a poet flyering if my run had coincided with the Book Festival, which is located across the street.

Staff were generally very friendly and helpful, if sometimes a little bewildered-looking at the procession of performers coming and going! The main difficulty was with a huge sound-bleed from upstairs. My first two shows were hard to hold in place because of the music. The restaurant were unwilling to turn it off because it adds to the ambience of the restaurant, but even turning it down had little effect, especially when coffee machines and cutlery rattling was added in to the audio mix. The later days in my run were better; the music was turned down more, but even more effective was the choice of music - it changed from very up-tempo fiesta stuff to slower acoustic numbers. I don't know if this was deliberate, but it was better. No music at all would be better still. There is no way to shut off the bleed, as the performance area is connected to the restaurant by an open spiral staircase, with no dividing door.

Tech was fine, the mic stand was a little battered so the mic slipped, but it was manageable. There was no black backdrop, and as the venue has a very busy interior decorating style, it would be good to get a proper length of blackout for next year to provide a neutral performance space and highlight the PBH logo more.
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