Young & Strange - Magic, Illusion And A Hate For Each Other

Young & Strange - Magic, Illusion And A Hate For Each Other

Postby Young-Strange » 06 Sep 2013, 00:35

The venue; The Jam House is a large live music venue and also on Friday and Saturday there is a fine dining restaurant upstairs. It attracts a cross section of locals and tourists, mainly aged over 30 and for some reason 75% female.

The performance area; I believe this is the largest Free Fringe venue, it seats 280 and the stage is 30 feet wide and around 10 feet deep. There is storage space available and we erected wings ourselves which narrowed the stage but allowed us to bring large scale illusions. There is also a projector and screen. On a Friday and Saturday night the restaurant upstairs in open and not all of the patrons are interested in watching the show so the noise they make does distract the live audience and is not ideal.

The team of staff at the venue; This was our third year on The Free Fringe and our best experience, this was down entirely to the incredible team at The Jam House who could not have been more supportive of our show and the ambitious things we wanted to do in their room. Nothing was too much trouble, Dave the general manager in particular was an absolute hero and fully embraced what we were trying to do.

How you advertised your show; Because of the large amount of seats we tripled our marketing budget this year. We went in the main Fringe brochure for the first time and employed a team of flyerers to promote the show for two hours before the show. This seemed to work well for us.

How your show went in terms to audience numbers; We were full most days and we often turned people away. On the odd day when there were some seats left empty there was normally a reason. One day it rained heavily just before the show which definitely had an impact, we were very lucky with the weather on the whole. Another day we had ran out of flyers and a promised delivery of fresh flyers didn't arrive in time. On the whole we were really pleased with the audience numbers and the venue seemed to be too.

Your show itself; We were really pleased with how our show went this year. It was fantastic to bring large scale illusions to Edinburgh, comments from the audience on the way past us at the bucket were often disbelief that such a large scale show was free. Word definitely spread.

Buckets; With nearly 300 people in the room each day, the bucket always told the truth. If the show was good the bucket was good, it improved as the run went on, as the show improved and the pitch (asking for the money) improved, the money in the bucket told us what was good and what didn't work. This year proved to us that people really will often pay what they believe a show is worth if they can see effort and value in the show.

Technical set-up at the venue; The room is fantastic, the only slight problem was the projector which was yellow and blurry, this could do with sorting out before 2014 if possible as it detracts from an otherwise perfect set up.

Admin & communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you); Absolutely no problems.

Any other learning points for anyone involved; This is an incredible venue for The Free Fringe, not just because of the amazing stage and large seating capacity, but because the team working here really want to help put on the most amazing shows possible. It was an honour to perform here and we hope to return again in 2014.

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