Henry's Cellar Bar Feedback 14:20 Alt.Com.Cabbage

Henry's Cellar Bar Feedback 14:20 Alt.Com.Cabbage

Postby SeanMorley » 16 Sep 2013, 14:17

The venue: Henry's Cellar Bar. A cellar bar. Underground. Seems to be primarily a late night live music venue. As far as I could discern it was popular with locals for its late night atmosphere, but not a place frequented during the day. Particularly not early afternoon.

Performance area: A raised stage at the far end of a long bar area. All enclosed. Open plan.

Staff: Staff were all great. The shows essentially were the business, I didn't get the impression there was a great deal of traffic for them around this time of day otherwise. Maybe the odd person dropping by for a drink.

Advertising: Flyers, Posters, Free Fringe Brochure, various social media.

Audience Numbers: Awful. Shows were often cancelled. Weekends tended to be better. But only marginally. Usually playing to single figures.
I'm very inclined to put this down to location. It's just that bit further removed from the fringe. It is situated in new town near to some offices, so walk by traffic was usually people sporting lanyards getting coffee in their lunchbreak. Not only that, it's just a tricky place to find. It's underground, in an area people are less familiar with. It's tucked away. I was a small distribution team, usually just me on my own flyering, outflyering and doing spots to raise the profile of the show. But often that wasn't enough. Larger groups had more success, but it still was wobbly for most of us. This venue is ideal, but it's location in relation to the general fringe makes it problematic due to its inconvenient location.

My Show: My show was fine. When I had an audience they were amused. The show slowly developed and improved as it went along, a couple near the beginning were a bit wobbly as I was getting into the rhythm of things. But I feel like the show was successful within the parameters it had. I had good tech and a piano so everything on that side of things was fine.

Buckets: Buckets were often reasonable. Fair too. A particularly good show was often reflected in the bucket, as was a bad one.

Technical Set-Up: Ideal. The venue manager personally manned the sound system and was ready to adjust things as necessary throughout the show.

Admin: Well, as venue captain there wasn't a lot I needed to do. The venue broadly had it in hand.

I guess that's everything.

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