23.00 - Dead Cat Comedy LATE SHOW

23.00 - Dead Cat Comedy LATE SHOW

Postby redredmond » 17 Sep 2013, 10:47

Nice and lively sports bar usually full of football fans and backpacking internationals.
Fantastic location! Makes flyering very easy.
The staff are absolutely excellent! Great guys.
The performance area is OK. Nice long room. Audience can struggle to hear if they are sat at the back. Also, there is only a curtain in between performance area and bar so expect some noise overflow.
We advertised our show with flyers and word of mouth. We got in decent sized audiences, filling most the seats most night (40/50-ish seater)
I have done this venue for the last 3 years and this was easily the most difficult. The clientele of the bar seem to be noisier, louder, less interested in Fringe shows. Who knows, this could be down to the Fringe being a bit odd this year. But we did have more disruptive audiences than I have had in previous years.
I think that this venue is impeccable during the day, however, at night it can get very busy and noisy and sometimes shows struggle as a result.
Also, the bar organise regular quiz nights and open mic nights. Make sure you talk to the bar staff and find out when they are planning on doing these. They occassionally clashed with our show, which was annoying. However, I spoke to the staff and they were more than happy to postpone them until after we'd finished our show.
Bucket donations were OK, but again, nowhere near as good as previous years.

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