16.45 Fin Taylor: Cramp

16.45 Fin Taylor: Cramp

Postby FinTaylor » 16 Sep 2013, 11:11

The Globe is a sports and backpackers bar towards the top of Niddry St, with the performance area one of two caverns towards the back of the room. It is separated from the main bar by a curtain, which only proved too thin on the later weekends of the run, once the Premier League had started again and the bar was full of sports-watchers. Even then, it was only those at the back of the room who had issues hearing. The staff at the venue were nothing but helpful and kind for the entirety of the month, changing coins into notes even when the bar was 3 deep, and lending blue tac and staplers when i needed to attach flashes to flyers.

I advertised my show with posters along the street, towards the venue, and in and around the entrance to the Globe itself, which definitely helped as quite a few people were unsure as to which venue on Niddry St the Globe was- i think this was mainly due to the fact that there are so many venues on the street, as well as a lack of map on my flyer though. I was in the main Fringe brochure, and luckily, Guardian-recommended on the first day which i'm certain helped no end, as numbers were consistently high for the first fortnight. There was a dip in the last week, with the lowest about 20, but apart from that audiences were full and I had to turn people away on a number of occasions. You can probably fit 60 odd in there with a good 10 people standing at the back, and people sat on the side benches that run down both flanks of the room. The location of the venue is definitely a huge plus point.

I found that a lot of punters were 'doing' the festival by going through the Free Fringe programme, it was like a bible to student visitors and the young and poor in general. So that was definitely a positive aspect to PBH's way of doing things.

By the end of the run the mic stand had given in and the PA was playing up a bit but I guess that's fair enough given the amount of usage it had had. Chris was our venue captain and was brilliant at organising and setting up the venue and making sure everyone had a nice time of it.

Had an absolute joy of a run and would thoroughly recommend the Globe as a venue to any stand-ups who are:

High-energy (to combat occasional noise bleed)
Stand-ups (not enough space for sketch/theatre)
Tech-light ('gimmick-free' seems too passive-aggressive a term. But you know what i mean. one for the purists.)
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