15:30 - Chris Coltrane: Compassion Is Subversive

15:30 - Chris Coltrane: Compassion Is Subversive

Postby ChrisColtrane » 10 Sep 2013, 11:12

-- A sports bar and backpackers bar.

-- Opposite the bar there are two caverns. One of them is used for comedy. It has a small stage built into it, and spot lights that can be pointed to the stage for lighting. There is only a curtain between you and the bar. The pub normally opens at like 4pm Mon-Fri outside of the festival, so during the weekday before 4 the only people there will be to see your show. This means that noise bleed is not a problem. After 4pm the pub can get busy, and at weekends, especially with a game on, there can be a fair amount of noise from the bar. This will be a problem for stand-up that has pauses or that requires a silent atmosphere, but not a problem at all for more raucous stand-up. In fact, from talking with some of the other acts, they found it added to the atmosphere. I'd recommend thinking carefully about whether it would make a difference to your show.

-- Just about the most friendliest and most accommodating people you could hope to meet. What an absolute treat it is to be working alongside them!

-- EdFringe brochure and website; Free Fringe programme; 5000 A6 double-sided colour flyers from Awesome Merchandise. I flyered every day before my gig.

-- On average I had about 40 people in. Some days the room was packed to capacity (about 55), other days were quieter. Mainly seemed to depend on how many flyers I'd given out!

-- I did a political comedy show that I was very happy with. I learnt a lot, and I will definitely apply to PBH to bring another show up in 2014.

-- I was happy with it. I made an effort to explain to the audience that if they liked my show, and they'd like me to bring another one up next year, then I'd love it if they paid for what they'd seen. The bucket paid for my rent, leaflets and inclusion in the EdFringe brochure, and by Free Fringe donation, so I pretty much broke even!

-- We were given two speakers and a mic and an amp, which worked fine. Sadly the cables weren't long enough to stretch to the 2nd speaker, which we put at the back of the room to counter the noise bleed, so we bought an extension lead, which only cost a few pounds so that was cool with us. We also bought some black bedsheets to hang up at the back, as the wall behind the performer is quite colourful and distracting. Again, a negligible cost.

-- I was the venue captain, so other people will probably have better opinions than me! But hopefully I organised the set-up and tear-down of the room well, and let everyone know what was going on.
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