3 Men in a Joke 21:45

3 Men in a Joke 21:45

Postby aknight » 27 Sep 2013, 14:18

We were very happy with the venue. Totally Naked Ninja (the act before us) always left the room in good order. Our flyering efforts were normally to arrive at the venue c. 2 hours before showtime, flyer the bar and the street. This normally got the room 80% full at least average 30-40 people.

Mic, stage, equipment, chairs, equipment etc all fine.

The room has a curtain at the back which adequately segregated the show from the other stuff going on in the pub. THe pub has a secure store room which can be used for holding surplus flyers and any valuables.

Negatives? Capacity of the room (including a few standers) probably tops out at around 55-60, so for acts looking for bigger shows bare that in mind. It is a "TV-screened-up" sports bar, and probably at least one day a week there is a football match on. Which means you can sometimes hear the cheers etc from the bar when someone scores a goal. To be fair I am saying this was just audible. Not it was loud enough to disrupt the show. The scottish punters were fine. The bar has a doorman. On saturday nights we did get a few pissed up punters, but nothing negative that couldnt be worked with. No issues in terms of show disruption.

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