Arrest That Poet! (Danny Chivers)

Arrest That Poet! (Danny Chivers)

Postby dannychivers » 10 Oct 2013, 11:21

- The venue
Classy, attractive bar, very nice to perform there. The only problem was the unexpected name change which made publicity more difficult, but I guess that's unlikely to happen again!

- The performance area - stage, separate room, open air?
The downstairs room. I was really happy with the space - it was light yet intimate (both my shows were at 12.15 in the afternoon).

- The team of staff at the venue - did they assist the shows? Did the show get in the way of the normal business etc?

Really great staff. I only did two shows here rather than a full run so I only met them briefly, but everyone was really friendly and helpful.

- How you advertised your show - Fringe brochure, flyering, posters, word of mouth etc
Free Fringe Brochure, flyers and posters. Some leafleting on the streets, some targeted leafleting outside similar shows.

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - solid numbers every show? Did it vary by day? Affected by weather?
My two shows at the Fiddlers Elbow had a great turnout - one pretty much full, the other more than half full, which isn't bad for a newbie doing a three-show run (here and in the Banshee Labyrinth) with no reviews and only a couple of days to promote it! So I was happy.

- Your show itself - what worked, what didn't work, what needs to change

I learned loads over my three performances and the show really tightened up. By the end I had a much better idea of what worked and what didn't, and the audience were laughing and/or going quiet in all the right bits.

- Buckets - we don't need accounts, but how were the donations to the buckets - bad, good, generous

Over the three shows, I covered my travel and printing costs, which was lovely.

- Technical set-up at the venue - what worked, what didn't work, what needs to change

Everything worked fine, nice set-up.

- Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you) - what worked, what didn't work, what needs to change

All fine. I only did the two show at Fiddlers Elbow/Picardy Place so there wasn't much communication required!

- Any other learning points for anyone involved - what worked, what didn't work, what needs to change

All good.
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