21:30 Loving Dick (Upstairs)

21:30 Loving Dick (Upstairs)

Postby leadingvan » 16 Sep 2013, 08:58

- The venue - what sort of venue is it? Pub, Bar, Club, Restaurant... What sort of clientèle normally frequent this venue

A very well presented bar and hotel with three floors. The middle floor represents the reception, main bar and restaurant area. The top and bottom floors were used as fringe venues and we were upstairs. I know that by next year Jonathan and Dean (who run it) want to have the bottom floor as a coffee shop and the top floor will probably stay as a function room. It's a 'middle class' kind of bar. Not too cheap and not snobbish. Quite a few people who came to see the shows ending drinking at Wetherspoons across the road before coming in but that was in no way indicative of an exclusive atmosphere.

- The performance area - stage, separate room, open air?

It is a function room, a nice function room. There are two rectangular rooms, quite big (capacity around 45 seating), linked by a narrower open doorway. There was a small dressing room area just off from the main room. It looked lovely but it would not trick people into being a normal performance space. If you want rigging, stages and curtains, this isn't going to work for you.

- The team of staff at the venue - did they assist the shows? Did the show get in the way of the normal business etc?

Incredibly helpful. Absolutely wonderful. They didn't know they were doing the Fringe until a week before and, at that point, the place was a wreck as they'd taken it over just before and had gutted it. They worked very hard to get it ready weeks before schedule so that no one was let down. We socialised with them after our show most nights and it was a wonderful place to be around.

- How you advertised your show - Fringe brochure, flyering, posters, word of mouth etc

A few posters, Twitter, word of mouth but mainly flyering. No flyering of the I'll-chuck-this-in-your-hand type but effective, personal flyering. The company rule was no flyer without speaking to the person. It meant less flyers went but we sold out most nights.

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - solid numbers every show? Did it vary by day? Affected by weather?

Sold out most nights. On the only nights we didn't, we had 2-3 seats free. Most nights were standing room only and people sat on the floor. The weather did play a part but mainly because the venue wasn't in the centre and people maybe were less inclined to walk away from town. It didn't affect us that much though.

- Your show itself - what worked, what didn't work, what needs to change

Nothing really 'didn't work.' Our show is very fringe and so it was tweaked to fit the venue and, after that, ran smoothly. Perhaps it would've great if everyone who was sat down could've had a fantastic view but that was never likely.

- Buckets - we don't need accounts, but how were the donations to the buckets - bad, good, generous

Mostly generous. We survived without hitting the cash machine barely at all.

- Technical set-up at the venue - what worked, what didn't work, what needs to change

The management of the technology was a little sketchy. Thing got broke, wires were moved, tables were taken and that was fine because we expected it but in an ideal world we'd probably want there to be less pressure on the VC and have everyone make sure those things were dealt with. This was a minor, minor problem though. It would've been lovely as well to have a massive blackboard like Mood!

- Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you) - what worked, what didn't work, what needs to change

Had no issues with communication during the Fringe as it feels a very independent venture or at least that's how we treated it. Ashley, our VC, was great and would always help if he could in whatever way he could. He was on site almost all the time during the day and worked very hard.

John Mulleady.
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