1510 Absolutely Will Not Stop, Ever, Until You Are Dead

1510 Absolutely Will Not Stop, Ever, Until You Are Dead

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The Venue

Dragonfly is a popular bar with a bit of a walk to find your way to it past Grassmarket. Many more customers on the weekends.

The Performance Area

Could comfortably seat 35-40. The performing area wasn't raised and the tech and storage area was out of sight behind the PBH sheet. The room could get quite hot but a large fan was turned on between performances.

The entrance to the room is at the back of the room and so it could be distracting when latecomers arrived but luckily does not disturb the audience.

The lighting set up was one spotlight on the performer and room lights that the bar staff could operate for you.

Staff At The Venue

The staff at the Cabaret Voltaire were extremely helpful before and after performances, very discreet during shows and a pleasure to deal with.

How I Advertised My Show

The majority of my audiences were there because of the PBH Free Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe programme. The location of the venue meant that scooping people into our show with 10 minutes or so to go was a viable tactic to increase audience size. Flyering added around 10 people to every show on average. Regular spots at other PBH Free Fringe shows added 2 or 3 audience members to each show and other acts would also attend each day.

Average audience numbers were between 30 and 35. Lowest was 12 when I didn't flyer and it was Thursday.

The Show Itself

A debut hour that involved audience interaction went very well. Audiences were very positive.


I did not promote the bucket heavily and only mentioned that it was there on the way out. I was more concerned to thank the audience for attending a PBH free show and to tell their friends about us and the Free Fringe.

More aggressive patter would have undoubtedly increase the bucket yield, but we weren't interested in putting the audience under any pressure to donate. Average of about £2 per person was normal.

Technical Set-up

A decent microphone and a good sound system provided all I would ever need. My show was very low tech, so never had any technical issues.

Admin & Communication Process

With a low tech show like mine, I had very little need for mid-run communications with the venue or our venue captain. My show went smoothly and didn’t require significant administration before during or after the run.
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