Beard Envy (Sarah Cassidy and Anne-Marie Mullan)

Beard Envy (Sarah Cassidy and Anne-Marie Mullan)

Postby Sarah Cassidy » 03 Oct 2013, 15:41

I have to say that this was a fantastic venue. The room is a nice set up and always feels very intimate, it's close to the Grassmarket and easy to flyer for. There is a backstage area which is nice, as well as an extra room just adjacent to the performance room which everyone was able to use as storage, out of the way of the bar staff as well as the performance space itself so you can come in and grab some flyers during another show without disturbing anyone.

For a small and intimate show, I would say that this is basically a perfect venue and we thoroughly enjoyed having our show there. Huge thank you to the staff at Dragonfly for making this such a nice place to perform.
Sarah Cassidy
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