22:10 Listen, Lancelot...

22:10 Listen, Lancelot...

Postby Sam Quinn » 17 Sep 2013, 11:15

I had an excellent experience at this venue. The space was a good size, intimate but enough for 30 or 40 people perhaps. There was a small area behind a curtain at the front where things could be kept and where I could go to turn down the music before coming out to start the show.

The staff were extremely friendly, easy going and willing to help. They had a small spotlight which was clipped by the wall and angled towards the stage area. Aside from that the room was lit with a huge chandelier which could be dimmed on request.

The staff were also helpful in removing empty glasses from the room between shows. I felt that performers in other shows could have helped with this too however and also removed some of their audiences rubbish too - flyers, napkins, food packets and things. For the get-out hardly any of the other shows at the venue turned up to help despite our VC emailing with times to attend.

The only problem I encountered was that my show coincided with the finale of the tattoo - and due to the venues very close proximity to the castle when the fireworks started twenty minutes in it was very loud and distracting. I managed to work this in to my routine but I would rather not have had to!
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