14:00 Time Traveller

14:00 Time Traveller

Postby Sarahx » 29 Aug 2013, 16:18

Cocktail bar - nice clientele. Separate room out the back seats about 35 standing room for another 20 or so. Nice room for intimate, chatty shows - no stage.
Room gets very hot - industrial fan switched on in between shows. I was first on so heat didn't affect me too much.

Staff and boss man, Rory, all fabulous if you're nice to them. Be a dick and they will treat you like a dick and you will deserve it. It's a mutual relationship - you both want you to get an audience and 3 weeks together needs a bit of effort.

Put posters around venue and Royal Mile. Flyers. Exit flyering outside venue good. Flyering Grassmarket and bit in Pleasance Courtyard. Lots of walk-ins if outside 5 minutes before your own show.
Venue little bit hard to find - I put a map on flyer as advised by Show Report from last year which was very useful.

Weekend shows - full. Weekdays between 10-30 - I am a complete unknown so was quite happy with turn-out.

Didn't really see Venue Captain throughout run, but didn't need to as dealt directly with bar staff/manager.

Tech - PA and mic only.

Brilliant venue, fantastic staff. I would definitely request this venue if I return to Edinburgh.

Sarah Hendrickx
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