Good Breeding 6.20pm

Good Breeding 6.20pm

Postby Thekatefox » 06 Jan 2015, 18:16


A good intimate room but…so hot, so very hot…


Great and friendly.
Sometimes audiences mentioned drinks in the venue were expensive- but it was a great little venue.


Flyering in the Grassmarket was great. Quite easy, enthusiastic pickings from the tourist traffic there.


Better than I'd hoped. Once my show pitch got better it was often over £60


On weekends it was full at 30/35, quieter in the week, but an audience of 10 was a rare low.


A bit squashy in the space outside but at least there were queues!


At first I had a nightmare trying to fit a theatrical show into a tiny, hot room. I went through some crises of confidence, but through it all audiences were good and generally right for what I was doing (though they had taken a chance on something a bit quirky). I did little PR and got little noticed with my (non-explicitly) feminist show in the year feminism exploded on the fringe. However…Radio 4's Head of Comedy had asked to come and see it- loved it, suggested I got a producer. I did, we went through the commissioning rounds and I will have two half hour shows going out on Radio 4 Sunday comedy slots in May 2015. Not possible without a run at the Free Fringe in 2013 (During which, with the aid of 5 days spoken word show at the Royal Oak I pretty much broke even). I'd say take heart about the immediate wins you may not be having- an investment of time and energy can pay off and the Dragonfly's a great space to try new things in comedy.
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