Some Plays/Redundancy Club/Things Could Be Marvellous

Some Plays/Redundancy Club/Things Could Be Marvellous

Postby paulrichards » 16 Sep 2013, 21:06

The Venue:
The venue itself felt huge - at the back of the sports bar, it's the nightclub area. Capacity was 80 I think, more room for standing audiences if need be. I like the fact that despite being attached to quite a loud bar, it was very separate. The location of the venue was not accurate on the map in the PBH programme, which caused one or two problems, but that shouldn't be a problem next year. Unfortunately there were one or two problems with the venue - a small fire on the first day, and a couple flooding issues, but these are isolated problems - just unfortunate it happened during the festival. Because of this we lost a couple performances, although one time we were moved to another room upstairs in the same venue, which I also liked.

The Performance Area:
Perhaps suited to bigger shows than ours - our productions were intimate pieces, one solo and two duo shows, the performance area itself was sizable and seemed to work better with louder productions (such as the excellent Ruby Darlings, who were on later in the day - they had live music as part of their show). Saying that, it's a luxury to have such a big space to perform in, and we adjusted to it as the run progressed. Big stage, curtain, very reasonable amount of storage space.

Venue Staff:
With the exception of Matt - who is the venue's tech, we didn't have the need to speak very often to the staff but whenever we did they seemed very friendly and willing to help. Matt himself was fantastic - working tirelessly, always on hand to help out, top bloke.

We missed the 'main' programme deadline, but certainly as the run progressed we found the PBH programme to be a real asset. We flyered from 11am every day, up until 2pm (first show for us was 2.15) and then I flyered again for another hour and a half for my solo show (4.45pm start).

For the 2.15pm show, we struggled in week 1 - one complete no-show, average audience about 9, for weeks 2 and 3 things really perked up though. For the solo show I had a handful of people in every day, but I think that's largely down to the fact I didn't have much time to promote it. Running two productions a day left us a bit short on flyering time - we're a team of 2, but other shows in our venue had (deservedly) cracking turnouts which proves the lack of audience for our shows on occasions certainly wasn't down to a problem with the venue.

The Show:
We had three shows at fringe - for week one it was a production I've toured twice called 'Some Plays By Paul Richards', for weeks two and a three a new play called 'Redundancy Club' and for all three weeks my solo show, 'Things Could Be Marvellous.'

Depended on the size of the audience, pretty much everyone who came was generous, though.

Technical set-up:
Our shows were really simple, but the set up in the venue - huge PA and lights, were suitable for any show.

Admin & Communication process:
Chris, our venue captain, worked very hard, we appreciated that.

This was my seventh fringe, but first 3 week run - it was hard work, but I loved it, and can't wait to do it all again. We made mistakes in taking three productions up and perhaps that cost us because of lack of promo time, but it's always a learning curve. City Nightclub is a great venue for bigger scale shows (even possibly musicals?), we really appreciated the opportunity.
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