13:00 Ghosts of the Happy and High-Spirited

13:00 Ghosts of the Happy and High-Spirited

Postby KeironNicholson » 07 Sep 2013, 12:41

Venue is an Italian restaurant on South Bridge. The room is a basement room with its own entrance. Big room (100 seater maybe? Not sure). Access to the room lights is from the stage area which is great, and the PA ended up being set up in the same way. Technical set-up was very good we thought. There's a door to the bathroom at the back of the stage area which sometimes led to people coming in during the show, although Adam Struth put up some curtains which sorted this problem. The realities of being in a restaurant at lunchtime meant that staff members sometimes needed access to the room during the show, although they minimised this as much as possible, but this is worth being aware of for this time slot. The room flooded about 2/3rds of the way through the run during our show so we lost a couple of days, this was due to work being done upstairs I think so hopefully shouldn't recur. As the first show of the day had to deal with mess being left from shows the night before, particularly on weekends, which often included broken glass and food - we did raise this but not much changed, so first shows of the day in future may want to be aware of this. All in all we had a good run in a nice room, thanks to all for making it possible and hopefully Free Fringe can continue to operate here.
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