Chiquito Feedback

Chiquito Feedback

Postby Tim Frith » 10 Sep 2013, 07:24

13:10 The Blank Slates

​The venue is the basement of a restaurant with people regularly going for food. Unfortunately, we found they weren’t inclined to go downstairs. The stage is downstairs, next to the toilets, and has an incredibly low ceiling, however, it was very quiet, with only the occasional chair scrape from above. The staff were fairly friendly but mostly stayed out of our way, while they got along with their normal work. We had our show in the Fringe brochure, we also flyered at least an hour or so before the show, along both Rose and George street, as well as along the Royal Mile after the show. We had pretty good audiences averaging around 20 and dropping to no less than 10 and up to 50 on one day, however it was strongly influenced by the weather and on the day of the week, leading to our small audience one rainy Sunday.

​It was our first time performing improv in Edinburgh. We generally found we had a good show but partway through our run we had 3 days off, 1 planned and 2 due to fire safety problems, this lead to a poor performance echoed in our donations for that day. Other than that, we found donations to be fairly good.

​As mentioned, we were forced to take 2 days off due to fire safety concerns in the venue. This was due to a poorly put together backstage area, two tables had been put on their sides such that the legs pointed sideways, as well as damage caused to the two emergency lights, all this was done during the setup of the stage area. In future, the emergency lights will be left alone. During the run, we righted one of the tables, leading to a better backstage setup as well as making it more stable.

​Due to these fire safety issues in the setup of the venue, before we arrived on Monday 12th, we had no idea that we might not be able to perform. Again, on Tuesday 13th, there was no communication indicating we couldn’t perform until we arrived at the venue. I’m not sure how much the venue captain and the venue were in contact but I certainly felt like there was a lack of information sent to me. Also, there was some confusion on the day we had to clear up the venue, the captain told us to arrive at 11am. We found we were the first group to arrive at 11:30 and were only joined by one other performer while clearing up. It was also difficult to get ahold of the captain during the clear up. I feel that more, and clearer, information should be sent to the performers.

​All in all, however, we felt it was a good venue and we would happily perform there again.
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Re: Chiquito Feedback

Postby Bobby Finn » 27 Sep 2013, 21:35


My show was on at 8.40pm from August 12th. I concur with a lot of what Tim said including the frustration of the fire safety issue. However it is good that these concerns are taken seriously and appreciate that this was necessary at the time.

Regarding the space, although it was never going to pick up passing trade, as an actual performing space I think it was very good. The lighting was adjustable, the seating plentiful and backstage area private enough. Luckily my show brought in a lot of traffic without having to do much marketing so I was full most nights. Also I think there might have been some overspill from George Street.

The staff didn't have much to do with my show but were perfectly friendly and helpful when necessary. I did my bit by returning glasses to the bar whenever I could.
All in all, I think this is a great space to keep if we can. It's not a space for performers who are looking to attract TV commissioners or passerbys but as a space for new or experimental acts its fine.
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