1.15 - Dan& Dan Live

1.15 - Dan& Dan Live

Postby dananddan » 27 Sep 2013, 13:33

In short, Canon's Gait is a lovely venue staffed by helpful and pleasant people who genuinely care about the shows there, and consequently I had a good run for my show, and a great time in general.

I had a bit of tech setup (a screen, projector, guitar, DI box), but thankfully I could leave certain cables and equipment discreetly in place, so that made it easier when the 10 minute turnaround came between shows.

I had a listing in the main fringe brochure, and flyered and postered each morning before the show. I was very pleased with the audience numbers, which ranged from a low of about 40 once in the first week to full houses (and turning people away) on a number of occasions towards the end. Weekends especially were always packed, and although I know things generally get busier at weekends anyway, the Canon's Gait did really seem to benefit from passing footfall due to its central location. The buckets were always good, due to audience size but also due to their generosity too.

I'm struggling for criticisms... the only one that springs to mind is the temperature. It gets hot and stuffy in there, as the fire door has to be closed during shows - BUT, that's completely understandable as fire regulations go, and nearly every show I went to at the fringe - free or not - had a similar problem.

All in all, three cheers for the Canon's Gait. I loved doing the show there, and would leap at the chance to perform there again! (And best / worst of all, they serve excellent ale, making post-show-pints dangerously tempting...)
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