16.55 - Oxford Revue Presents

16.55 - Oxford Revue Presents

Postby NickDavies » 10 Mar 2014, 15:27

Oxford Revue Presents
This was a collection of comedy acts from Oxford, selected by the Revue—there were 5 different 1-hour shows in total, mostly sketch comedy groups, each running for 4-5 days. The main challenge with this format was getting the various different groups up to speed on the Free Fringe conditions and getting all the shows set up properly, but in the end this wasn't too bad.

Venue and performance area
Great pub with a spacious performance area with bar in the basement, seated room for about 60 people. On some days people used the bar during the show but it depended on the feel of the particular show happening that day. The stage area was suitable for sketch comedy, which was the main thing on offer — chairs and a few tables were provided, there was a "backstage" area (the hallway leading to the ladies' toilets), and the performance space was reasonably big for this type of space, with a few different levels. Slightly low ceiling, and the lighting was a bit tricky to control during the performance—but this adds to the "pub" feel of the venue. Staff were very friendly.

With flyering we had no trouble filling up the room on most days. I think this was partly because the Canon's Gait is a Free Fringe hub and partly because of the marketing draw of the Revue. Other acts also did quite well here.

Tech set-up
Fairly simple, although there were a few minor problems early on with figuring out the audio mixer and making sure nothing got unplugged since the mic cords weren't quite long enough to move around the room (though covered the main stage area adequately). This all turned out OK. As I mentioned before, the lighting isn't easy to control during a show, but that worked fine for what we were doing.

Overall, a very positive experience! Would be happy to return here.
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