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Apologies for delay, had numerous personal issues getting in the way.

The Venue
The Venue was great for what we were staging. It was a very versatile space and, once filled, had great acoustics. Access was easy and was also disabled friendly. It is a café as part of a church, though there was little cross over between café customers and church goers.

The performance area-
Again, just what we needed. A large open area perfect for staging theatrical events.

The team of staff at the venue
I cannot speak highly enough about the staff. Fran and Mickey especially are worth mentioning. We were unfortunate to have a theft during our run, but both Fran and Mickey were exemplary. As venue captain I found their communication to be top notch and I highly recommend anyone Edinburgh based to frequent the café out of fringe time- I have myself on a couple of occasions.

How you advertised your show
Fringe brochure, fliers, some magazine adverts, cross promotion with other PBH shows.

How your shows went in terms of audience numbers
Very varied. The smallest we had was about 3, we usually skirted around the teens though on several occasions had 30 or 40 in. Quite acceptable for a Fringe show, indeed, rather better than many others.

Your show itself
The show went well, nothing really to add. It was well received, good reviews and feedback, positively received by audiences and praised for its handling of a sensitive subject.

We averaged about £2 per person. With such a large cast we didn’t really make much each, but considering we were almost 100% funded it did mean we made a profit.

Admin & Communication process
As venue captain I communicated very well with myself  Also, as happens every year communication with base camp was always good. PBH works tirelessly and needs a good strong drink from every member of the Free Fringe 

Any other learning points for anyone involved
This was my 4th Free Fringe, and 5th over all. No real learning points that I haven’t already covered in previous years.
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