"Sound Bite" - Middle-Weight Theatre.

"Sound Bite" - Middle-Weight Theatre.

Postby Sound Bite » 24 Oct 2013, 12:29

Cafe Camino is a great venue in association with the Free Fringe.
Many pro's and few con's to mention.

Location is ideally suited for passing trade in and out of the centre of Edinburgh. Being a cafe - a continuous influx of customers to 'chat-up' and come and see your project.
Advertising is on a good scale, again for passing trade and customers as well as the other shows involved in the same venue.
Performance space is a grand scale, lots of space for movement and audience attendance.
Management / staff are superb. From the moment we arrived, we were warmly welcomed and put at ease about the 'do's and don'ts'.' Great advice from Fran about possible opportunities and very friendly staff that gave encouraging support in perseverance and not to give up when we knackered; just what is needed!
A decent sized back-stage area for keeping props and equipment, clean toilets and amenities.
Great and cheap food / drink choices.
Lively atmosphere.
Great sound equipment/pa provided by FreeFringe.
Adequate lighting provided by FreeFringe.

Cons: (Only due to this not being a theatre and wishful thinking)
Not the greatest acoustics in main performance area. Very high ceiling that took a couple of performances to master projection.
Performance area wooden floor - very loud. (A raised rostrum maybe for 2014?)

Overall, a jewel of a venue, with a few kinks that can easily be ironed out, more to the sense of production than anything else.

Thank you for having us and hope to return in the near future.

Sound Bite - Cast and crew.

Sound Bite
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