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Report on my SPARKLING GRANNY story-telling show, in PBH FreeFringe at Cafe Camino.

CAFE CAMINO is a friendly cafe connected to Edinburgh's RC cathedral, on the outer edge of the Edinburgh Festival area.

The performance space at CAFE CAMINO is a small, independent hall beyond the cafe itself and the toilets. It is a large, empty white cube, seating up to 70 people. Good acoustics, difficult to create an atmosphere. I visited the venue while applying to PBH, so knew what to expect.

Venue staff were rarely seen, but always cheery and helpful. The manager emailed the church youth team to promote my shows. Were performers invited to join the church service and civic celebration in the venue on the final Sunday? I would like to have taken part.

I advertised in the main Fringe brochure. My team and I leafletted wherever we went, and during our turns on the upper stage. A few people came in thanks to leafletting and welcoming outside the venue, but most came because of the ad in the main brochure. I liked the PBH brochure and used it to plan what I went to see.

The show got a 4**** review. Are they rare?

I knew my early morning slot, 9.30, would be too early for most people, but the Sunday morning audience was adults we'd met the night before, who said: “It's good to find something early.” They loved the stories. Scottish schools had gone back and the audience dwindled to nothing after the final stragglers started classes again. Biggest audience, twelve. The cafe manager told me I must come during the school holidays.

Buckets? From £0 to £12

Tech: I needed no equipment this year. I am planning illustrations, so may need av next time.

I found the communications team very responsive and helpful. I find this Freefringeforum quite difficult to use.
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