Nick Hall: Live!

Nick Hall: Live!

Postby NickHall » 08 Oct 2013, 18:49

Venue: Bristo Bar & Kitchen. 1.45-2.45pm everyday.

Performance Space: Nothing fancy. Raised area at the back of the bar. 40 seats with tables dotted around for the audience. Then a partition with tables serving food beyond that.

Venue Staff: Absolutely first-class. Even helped me with flyering some days!

How you advertised your show: The show was listed in the Free Fringe Brochure. The show started at 1.45pm so I did about an hour and a half flyering beforehand, plus I paid for an extra flyerer who really made a difference. I also put up sandwich board outside the venue so people knew where it was, even when I wasn’t around. And lastly, word of mouth can really help at the Festival.

Audience Numbers: Really good – usually over 40 i.e. standing room only.

Show itself: Really useful learning curve. Think I got lucky with the venue as my show was fairly accessible and high energy. More alternative acts might struggle with maintaining a presence in the room.

Buckets: Fluctuated between £40 and £80, depending on the age of the crowd! (Older people more, younger people try to avoid eye contact). Also there’s a fire exit on the side of the room which allowed people to slip out early, although quite honestly that didn’t bother me – if the show’s good enough hopefully they’ll seek you out and pay you.

Technical set up: Free Fringe provided basic set-up, but in the end I used the bar’s own equipment (which was better) plus they wired me into the venue’s PA which was great.

Admin: All fine and smooth. Free Fringe is absolutely great, but you need to put the work in yourself. Do your research about venues, shows etc and don’t assume other people will do it for you.

Other Points: Noise from coffee machine etc could be slightly off-putting but you learn just to deal with it.

Overview: Fantastic location, lovely bar, needs a high energy comedy act to fill the room.
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