Raph Shirley: A Portrait of a Provincial Dickhead

Raph Shirley: A Portrait of a Provincial Dickhead

Postby raphshirley » 18 Sep 2013, 15:24

The venue is a bar. The stage is a two foot high area with a balcony that is ordinarily used to seat diners. In front of this there are about 60 seats. I was very happy with my show. It was a subtle low energy character stand up piece. It wasn't ideally suited to this venue. I think this venue is best for high energy traditional stand up.

The last two acts pulled out of this at the last minute. If the venue was busy it was a struggle to fight over the noise. If the venue is used next year, I recommend the last show finishing at around 6 or 7. Any later and it just gets too noisy.

The staff were excellent and very friendly. They made the whole fringe an enjoyable experience.

Apart from I think one other act, a lot of us struggled with audience numbers. This is obviously mainly to do with our promotional work but I think it is also significant that you are competing with the big pay venues by virtue of location. Having said that the location is very central and on balance is very good.

To summarise, this is a solid venue for fast loud stand up with a high gag rate, but not ideally suited to more alternative and experimental acts like myself.
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