5pm-6pm: "Attack of the 50 Foot German Comedian"

5pm-6pm: "Attack of the 50 Foot German Comedian"

Postby GermanComedian » 17 Sep 2013, 12:28

The venue
This has been my second consecutive year at Base (Beat), in the same timeslot. Last year was very good already, this year was even better.
We improved the venue (better backdrops, better lights, better sound etc.).

Beat (formerly known as Base) is a nightclub on Cowgate. It seats 100 people (chairs, stools and couches) and has standing room for another 50 people downstairs and 30 people upstairs.
The bar is inside the venue, so there is no bar for people to have a drink at while waiting for the doors to open. So I made them form a queue outside the venue or have a drink next door at Opium (a bar under the same management).
Base is an awesome stand-up venue when you fill it. It is not easy to play when you only get small crowds (less than 50 people) in. So I only recommend it for shows that can draw good crowds.
It's a stand-up venue, due to its dark and clubby atmosphere. Perfect for stand-up, not very suitable for other kinds of shows (sketch comedy etc.).

The performance area
The stage is a semi-circle, pretty big and not too high.
There is no backstage area. So, again, perfect for stand-up comedy, not ideal for any show that needs props or costume changes.
Great for stand-up.

The team of staff at the venue
Extremely helpful and very friendly. Top class!

How you advertised your show
The usual things:
A flyerer, listing and advertising in Fringe program and other magazines, banners, press release, interviews, online promotion, guest spots, etc.

How your shows went in terms of audience numbers
All seats were taken almost every day (100 people), on most days people were standing as well.
The weekend days were so busy, that we opened the upstairs area. Busiest day was probably with almost 200 people.

Your show itself
A one-man stand-up show with no props. For this kind of show the venue is great.

Free Fringe audiences are growing from year to year, and they give more and more generously each year too, as they now know how the system works.

Technical set-up at the venue

David Mulholland and I brought and installed our own spotlights, which made a huge difference.
I played my show intro (and the music before the show) over the main PA of the venue, the show itself was done through the PA on stage, which sounds better and clearer for a stand-up show.
The main PA is great for music.

Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you)
I was the venue captain and must say that it was a pleasure working with everybody. The other performers at Base, the staff, the management, Alan Sharp (THANKS!), everybody.
We resolved all issues and problems quickly and direct.
Without bothering PBH. That's what all venues should try to achieve. So if you read this, please make sure that all issues are being resolved as a team within the group of people at your venue.

Any other learning points for anyone involved

The Free Fringe brochure was once again outstanding this year. It is a great asset of the Free Fringe. Sean Brightman is a hero!
And so are all the other volunteers.

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