Late Night Irish

Late Night Irish

Postby jamesbelfastNPT » 07 Apr 2014, 13:20

Venue - Lovely Venue, very close to the Mile, and near a lot of other clubs and pubs; great location

Performance Area - Good sized room, all necessary equipment (sound desk and TV screens). Fit about 40 people easily, more at a squeeze

Staff at Venue - Very helpful. Helped fix any problems that arose.

Advertising - Mainly Flyering before show. Bar was always busy and full of willing audience members as were surrounding venues.

Audience - At least 20 people in every night, normally very friendly and supportive

Show itself - Went well, variable quality guest acts, but show always ended strongly

Buckets - Good (barring the day we forgot to do it)

Admin and Communication - No problems, everything was fine
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