Mark Stephenson: Half Man, Half Amazing

Mark Stephenson: Half Man, Half Amazing

Postby mastephenson2310 » 18 Nov 2013, 13:11

- Venue: Really easy to find, loved the room I was in and the others which I caught a few shows in. Perfect for free fringe
- The performance area: Cinema Room, held about 50 if packed in - maybe a few more. It gets very hot, but where doesn't when it's full of people? Nice big screen to use although you can't be on stage at the same time. But a good area to use.
- Staff at the venue - Never had any issue. The regular barman knew his stuff and was good with punters.
- Advertiseing - Fringe brochure, posters at the venue, flyering the mile and the courtyard and exit flyering other people's shows.
- Audience - numbers were good with it packed out at weekends, didn't have any terrible days - there was always someone there.
- Show itself - happy with it
- Buckets - Ranged from very good to average. I think audience's know a bit more about the free fringe now and most of the time the buckets reflected how well the show went.
- Admin & Communication - no problems whatsoever.
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