Practise Patience

Practise Patience

Postby HenryRaby » 17 Oct 2013, 11:58

The Venue
The lovely thing about the Banshee is it’s a hub for plenty of performers and audiences to mingle and meet.

The Performance Area
I was in the Banqueting Hall which has great sightlines, helpfully away from the main bar to allow for focus during the show, and it was necessary for the audience’s attention during our show.

Audience Numbers & Your Show
Nice decent amount to make it worth our while. As a scratch, we just wanted an audience to test material on, and they were very receptive.

Just held my hat out and got some money which went towards our trainfaire, but we didn’t push it too much as it was only a work-in-progress and a one-off

Technical set up at the venue
The worry was having to set everything up ourselves, it was a good thing we know how to use the equipment and I was familiar with the space from previous years, but as the first show in of the day and only doing this one, we were really phased when the venue as it didn’t open at 12 and we needed to set up and get in and advertise and could only be get in and settled and ready. I know the normal get-in/out time is only meant to be 5 mins anyway, but as this was our one and only show and we were told the venue would be open from 12 it unnerved us slightly.

Admin and Communication process
Fay was brilliant at getting us the right slot with our other commitments
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