Gary From Leeds & Richard Purnell: Moraletry, 1.40pm

Gary From Leeds & Richard Purnell: Moraletry, 1.40pm

Postby garyfromleeds » 02 Oct 2013, 12:32

The Venue
Always classy. More people than ever are getting to know about it, too.

The Performance Area
Banqueting Hall is class if you want to see the whites of people's eyes. Can get a little tight with two performers on, but no real issue other than Richard occasionally scrambling with the light rig stage right after delivering some solo words. This is not a real issue.

The Staff
Brilliant, top set of people. Helpful, friendly to the performer even when the latter is most strung out. And they always let us drop our masse of props in before doors opened.

How You Advertised Your Show
Hours of street frolicking, social networks, the fringe guides.

Audience Numbers
Solid, averaging in the early 20s I'd say over the three weeks.

Your Show
Two men wallowing in sarcasm, larking about in hats, some poems, no smoke machine.

Despite higher numbers than 2012 and audiences seemingly having a lovely time, we definitely felt takings were well down.

Technical set up at the venue
Had one or two audio issues before the show which were very quickly rectified by the brilliant bar staff. We decided against the smoke machine for time reasons.

Admin and Communication process
Pretty smooth, and a specific word to the venue captain Monkeypoet who was a class act. I guess the worst thing was the narrow maelstrom that was the room with the flyers and posters in. Things got pretty real in there at times.
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