2pm - The Two O'Clock Show

2pm - The Two O'Clock Show

Postby anna f » 30 Sep 2013, 10:01

The Venue
The Banshee Labyrinth is a heavy metal pub with three performance spaces which are separate from the main bar, with no sound bleed from the pub/food area. It’s very central, just a minute from the mile.

The Performance Area
We were in the Chamber Room – in the basement, down the steps near the entrance. The stage is at the rear of the room, so you don’t have any issues with latecomers entering near the stage. This year they had new chairs, which are more comfortable, but it does mean you can’t cram quite as many people in as in previous years. On hot days it can get pretty warm down there – they have fans, which can be a bit noisy, but on the whole it’s a terrific space and we felt very lucky to perform there.

The Staff
The bar staff were very friendly and professional. As the set up in the room is pretty straightforward, we didn’t need to bother them too much, but whenever an issue did come up they were always very helpful.

How You Advertised Your Show
We were in the Free Fringe brochure and flyered for nearly two hours before the show every day.

Audience Numbers
The smallest audiences were around 20 and the largest were 50 (capacity). Fridays and weekends were generally full.

Your Show
We did a two hander this year, half an hour each. Overall the show was enjoyable and we each got a lot out of having the opportunity to perform every day in the good room to a reliable number of people.

Pretty variable and didn’t seem to particularly relate to how well the show went on any given day. We weren’t very aggressive with the bucket speech, but generally gathered round £40-60 per show.

Technical set up at the venue
The pub hosts live music gigs in this room during the rest of the year, so the technical set up is great, although it would be better if they got some plain white/yellow spots (usually we were tinged slightly green or blue), but on the whole it’s a fantastic set up. Two mics, good PA. You can plug an ipod in at the back of the room or at the stage if you need to control music from there.

Admin and Communication process
Generally fine – in previous years we’ve had specific venue captains for each room, but we didn’t seem to have one for the Chamber Room this year, but most people seemed to pitch up and help out with get out/get in anyway so it wasn’t a big problem.
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